For over 23 years I've PAID to keep my neander@mindspring.com email address.
In the early 90's Mindspring provided the best service to be found in Atlanta, and many of us early internet users latched onto their superior service and reputation (see Mindspring).

Then Earthlink took over.

While many other internet services came and went with the technologies, from dial-up, DSL, wireless, broadband, etc.. , They all tended to allow their ex-customers to keep their old email addresses for free. Netzero for example.

Not Earthlink however. No, Earthlink has been getting $8.95/month out of me to maintain my original, 23-y/o email address.

$120.00 per Year. That's a lot of hamburgers!.

It might have been worth it if they didn't limit the size of my mailboxes, had a decent email editor, and didn't periodicaly crash like they did last week for 48 hours! -the last straw...

I'm dumping the bastards. I registered the domain MINDSPRING.CO (that's .CO not ".COM"). I'm contacting everybody I know and asking them to please drop the "M" from the end of my old email address, and I'm enjoying my email privilages provided by the nice (American & Bulgarian) people at SiteGround.com.
If you'd like to join me and shift your address from
somebody@mindspring.com to somebody@mindspring.CO
I'll be happy share the ample mail space with any and all ex-mindspring customers provided the costs don't get out hand. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Terms Could Change)

contact me: neander@mindspring.co

This site is a work in progress. More info is coming including screen-shots and tutorial "tricks" of the email interface offered by SiteGround email programs.